• Responsible advice

    Driven by the pursuit
    of real wealth, not
    just money.

Who needs

Everyone – whether you are a business, a family or an individual (young or old).

Wealth is not just about money. It is not important where you start, whatever your current financial position is, we can ensure you are in the best position now. By dealing with today strangely tomorrow's prospects become much better.  We have helped people with their finances for the better part of their lives, with some clients being with us for over 25 years. In that time we have learned that there are more important things in life than just money. Let us show you how you can be truly wealthy today!

As financial mentors, we will look for what will add real financial peace and security to your life, NOW not in heaven when you die (so to speak).

The ultimate goal is to make your life better NOW. 


SFR Advisory offers financial advice across the full spectrum of disciplines:


  • We have been dealing with SFR ever since we had a super and we have dealt with Dean from the beginning. Our fund has done well, thanks in no small part to Dean’s contribution. We have now gotten them to keep all our books. Above all, we have now become friends and have mutual trust. We will certainly recommend his company.
    David G