Our History

Expertise and ethics

SFR Advisory has been providing quality financial advice in Perth for 30 years. SFR Planners relies on it’s own in-house investment committee to conduct rigorous, in depth research to formulate recommendations that address the needs of each client’s unique situation. We answer to you.

Our Future

A new approach to financial advice

Our way of doing things is strongly driven by a sense of humanity. We want to contribute something positive to the world with the skills we have developed over decades. We want our legacy to be about giving something back. We offer financial advice to people of all financial situations. As such, there is no minimum amount of money you need to start with. Even if you are currently unemployed, we can help.

Our Motivation

Why do we do it this way?

We have been in this business for over 30 years. In that time we have helped countless clients amass wealth, but one thing has remained present above all else: life is short, and it is precious. Because of this, we have seen a better way to do things. Rather than sacrificing today for a future that may not arrive, it is better to strategise your finances around what will make you happiest in your day-to-day life.

If you simply wish to accrue as much wealth as possible, no matter the personal cost, then there are ways to achieve this, but in our long and varied experience, we have seldom seen this desire bring happiness to our clients. Some millionaires are utterly miserable, while some people on welfare benefits are far more content. Money is almost never the proprietary factor. So how do you make enough money to maximise your happiness?

Our Philosophy

How much wealth is enough?

If you are setting out to improve your financial situation, what should you aim for? How much money is enough? One simple answer is to aim for a place where money is no longer a source of stress in your life.

Having no money, or struggling to make ends meet, can make life very hard. For many people, money is something they worry about a lot. To get past this point to where you are not consciously worrying about money is the best spot to be in. Where money is no longer a source of anxiety or dread. This is usually a place where your life expenses are covered and you can start saving money for fun things and holidays for yourself or your family. The things that bring joy, experience and make life happier.

But what if you are already financially secure and looking for ways to build your wealth? Well, that is where most of our 30-year experience lies. That is traditionally what financial advisors do, and SFR Advisory are one of the best at it. We provide advice that is reliable and responsible, to help you on your way to a blossoming financial future.


SFR Advisory offers financial advice across the full spectrum of disciplines:


  • We have been dealing with SFR ever since we had a super and we have dealt with Dean from the beginning. Our fund has done well, thanks in no small part to Dean’s contribution. We have now gotten them to keep all our books. Above all, we have now become friends and have mutual trust. We will certainly recommend his company.
    David G